Impressive Buttons for VRChat Worlds

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Some great physical, reliable, highly customizable buttons for your VRChat worlds!

This package will give you everything you need to add great buttons to your mirrors, doors, games, and whatever else you can come up with!

Included are many preconfigured buttons and scripts which will get all your basics set up in less than 10 minutes.

When you are ready to make more complex things, the programming has been made exceptionally simple, making it possible for just about anyone to create cool things!

Some of the carefully crafted features:

- Easy to use

- Lots of settings

- Fast and lightweight

- Many prefabs, scripts, sounds, and examples to help you get started

YouTube Demo

Getting Started


Unity Editor 2019.4.29f1

VRChat SDK3 - Worlds Unity package

UdonSharp Unity package (Works with v0.20.3 and newer)

YouTube Tutorial

BEFORE adding the Impressive Buttons package, you need to add VRChat SDK3 and UdonSharp (in that order) to your Unity (2018.4.20f1) project. Download links are provided above.

When they have finished importing to your Unity project, you can add the Impressive Buttons package to your project.


Inside the package are plenty of examples for you to look at and play around with.

This includes completely set up prefabs, as well as various different example scripts for the buttons to talk to.

Feel free to dig around in the prefabs and scripts to learn how they work, and make your own!

Button Settings

- `sendOnPressEventTo`: A list of all script components that should run _OnPress() and _OnPress_'name'() when the button is pressed

- `enableClassicInteractInVR`: If VRChat's classic Interact system should be enabled in VR mode

- `onPressSound`: Sound when pressed

- `onDepressSound`: Sound when depressed

- `buttonTop`: An empty gameobject at highest point of the button, should be the parent of the slider

- `buttonSlider`: The moving part of the button. Needs a collider

- `buttonTopHighPoint`: The highest point for the button top

- `buttonTopLowPoint`: The bottom-out height for the button top

- `buttonSpeed`: Button movement speed

- `masterOnly`: If the button should only be accessible to the world master

- `feetPressing`: If players should be able to press buttons with their feet


If you are experiencing any problems or have trouble getting something to work, feel free to reach out to me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!


This is a paid package, be sure to read the included license terms before you get started!

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Impressive Buttons for VRChat Worlds

22 ratings
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