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Join Messages for VRChat Worlds

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Easily add custom join and leave notifications to your VRChat worlds!

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Some of the carefully crafted features:

- Easy to use

- Plenty of settings

- Fast and lightweight

- Ready-to-go prefabs to help you get started in less than a minute

Getting Started


Unity Editor 2019.4.31f1

VRChat SDK3 - Worlds Unity package

UdonSharp Unity package (Tested with v0.20.3)

BEFORE importing the Join Messages package, you first need to import the VRChat SDK3 and UdonSharp (in that order) packages to your Unity project. Download links are provided above.

When they have finished importing to your Unity project, you can then import the Join Messages package to your project.

When done importing, you can drag the prefabs in the Prefabs folder into your scene and start customizing!

Use JoinMessagesHUD if you want the messages to show up in front of players.

Use JoinMessagesWall if you want the messages to show up on a wall somewhere.

Use FormatTester for easily testing a custom notification format using Unity Rich Text.

When using the HUD prefab: make sure you set the Render Camera inside the CameraTracker object to your main camera.


- Motd: Message Of The Day/Welcoming message. Default: <color=yellow>Welcome %player%!</color>

- JoinFormat: Join notification format. Default: %time% <color=yellow>[</color><color=lime>+</color><color=yellow>] %player%</color>

- LeaveFormat: Leave notification format. Default: %time% <color=yellow>[</color><color=red>-</color><color=yellow>] %player%</color>

- DisplayTime: How long should messages be shown (0 for no limit). Default: 0

- MasterChangeNotifications: Should there be a notification when the world master changes? Default: true

- MasterChangeFormat: Master change notification format. Default: <color=yellow>%player% is now master.</color>


If you are experiencing any problems or have trouble getting something to work, feel free to reach out to me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


This is a paid package, be sure to read the included license terms before you get started!

Made by Markcreator.


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Join Messages for VRChat Worlds

7 ratings